Investor Information

Welcome Investors to our Investor Information

The aim of the Investor Information webpage is provide an open and transparent position of the Yirika business to both potential future investors, the media and users of Yirika. Yirika is a startup providing Internet users with a new and vibrant way of exploring the web.

Current position

Yirika is a wholly owned project by PR UK Sales Ltd in the UK and is managed by a creative web design agency .
Yirika is currently in the launch stage of development and is currently fully funded by PR UK Sales Ltd.

Future position

The second stage of development, may attract external investor funding should the requirement arise. It is not expected to enter the second stage of development until at least six months after launch.


Yirika strives to be transparent on all aspects of its online business to both potential investors, the media and to its users. Should you have an interest in Yirika and its current business then we will be delighted to provide information you require about our business objectives. Please complete the form below to arrange a call or meeting.

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