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Search the web with an Alternative Search Engine.

Yirika is a ReSearch Engine that brings advanced search technology in a beautiful stream of relevant results for your search keywords direct from the web to your Business and Personal WebWalls, automatically whilst you work.

Search the web and monitor your ReSearch on your Business and Personal WebWalls

  • No more repeated searching for the same subjects on Google
  • No more irrelevant results
  • No more unwanted advertising
  • No more searching a database like most search engines
  • No more relying on search engines to decide what you see
  • No more biased results from search engine algorithms

This is an image of the Yirika Business Webwall an alternative search engine

Yirika on a tablet - Yirika ReSearch Engine | An Alternative Serach Engine

How it works.

Submit your keywords or topics of interest into your account management page and let Yirika search the web and discover relevant results direct from the web. Keep your personal and business ReSearch separate with your own Business and Personal WebWalls.
  • Submit your keywords or interest topics
  • Watch as Yirika spiders the web live for your interests
  • Yirika continues to search and monitor the web for fresh content
  • Yirika works on autopilot for you whilst you carry on working
  • Yirika notifies you on your desktop as new results are found
  • Keep your results for as long as you want

Unlike Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines Yirika doesn’t just return results from a huge database it does actually search the web in real time and returns only information it finds that are relevant to your search with the added bonus of no advertising.

Social Wall.

View your Social Network walls all in one web wall. Display all your Social Network accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest all in one Social Wall
  • View all your Social Network Streams
  • View specific accounts.
  • Supports 15 Social Networks
  • Facebook, Twitter, G+ and LinkedIn share facility
  • View the Yirika Social Wall

Stay connected on
all devices.

Out and about, at your desk, or at home, you will always be connected to what interests you on the web. Your Yirika WebWalls are available on your mobile, laptop, tablet and soon you will be able to view your results on your Smart TV in the comfort of your living room.

Devices Devices