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Curious how Yirika works? read on.

A web service that searches the internet for your personalised interests and topics and returns relevant results displayed on your personal Business and Leisure WebWalls.

Your privacy is safe, when we search the internet for the interests you have specified we do not pass any of your information, unlike searching on regular search engines.

Search engines and text alerts are great when you know what you specifically want to be alerted about. Think research engine, and you will get the idea, Yirika will provide information about your specific interests that you maybe didnt know about.

Yirika learns your interests from the topics you submit. Each unique collection of topics is used to create a unique data structure called an interest network that involves hundreds, often thousands of related topics. Yirika also has a learning mechanism that refines your interest data as you consume the information delivered to you.

Most semantic facilities are focused on data analysis, that is they search for semantic data from a database of semantic data. The technology that Yirika uses is generating semantic data from anything on the web, so it doesnt rely on any existing databases, which means if something is new on the web then it doesnt need indexing, it finds it straight away.

We are not fans of advertising on Yirika. You will not see advertising on our site or on your WebWalls. The only possibility of advertising in the future is if we get feedback from our users that they would like advertising, then it maybe that this is added, however it will not be by default and the only way you will see advertising is if you select advertising in your account page. If you do select advertising then you will only see advertising relevant to your interest topics. If you do not select advertising you will not see any advertising at all. 

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