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How search engines work

How Search Engines work Overview We all use search engines to find content on the World Wide Web. In the very beginning there were only a few hundred websites now there are probably trillions, so how do these search engines find all this information. There are numerous search engines however they all work in a similar fashion. They send out a computer robot sometimes referred to as a spider to find…

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Win an iPad Air Competition

Simply log in for your chance to win the latest iPad Air. We’re giving away the amazing iPad Air as we want you to see our new app in the best possible light when we go live. All you need to do is log in to Yirika using one of your Social Network accounts. Entry is free, no forms to fill out, once logged in you will be taken to…

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Searching the web directly

Searching the web directly

The secret lies in a search application that can understand your request. Find the relevant topics of interest directly on the web, synthesising both structured and unstructured web content. More importantly, Yirika will continue to search the web whilst you do something else.

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Changing the face of the search engine

Changing the face of the search engine

Everyday we search, research or just try to find things on the web. We have been educated to use search engines such as Google to find the things that interest us. We have been taught that if we use particular keywords then Google will find everything on the web that contains these keywords. However, the same keywords are used for many different things.

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