Why Enterprise Support?

Goodbye to employees wasting time on Search Engines!

Hello to productive employee web researching!

More than 40% of Search Engine searches are repeated searches and of those only 14% of the results are relevant. Even more damaging is the other 86% are a distraction!

Yirika understands the wasted productivity and provides a bespoke model for Enterprise support that not only has relevant, private and automated searching it also limits employees to specific pre determined search criteria. For example if you are a Technology company, your employees would only be able to search for technology or any specific trusted sites on the web.


Customise your Enterprise Search | Yirika - Search the web

Configure Yirika to best fit your environment by restricting users to particular search verticals drastically reducing time spent searching the web.

Enterprise Sacleable | Yirika - Search the web

Start with an internal evaluation team and rollout easily to different departments and even to the whole company within hours of approval. The Leisure WebWall is optional

Enterprise Automated | Yirika - Search the web

Yirika works seamlessly in the background searching the web and returning the latest relevant results for the user to view, leaving employees free to work.


Enterprise Account Manager | Yirika - Search the web

Get personal support anytime from an appointed dedicated account manger that fully understands your requirements.

Enterprise Phone Support | Yirika - Search the web

For help when you need it most. You will be provided with a dedicated phone line, with a real person for immediate live support.

Enterprise Support | Yirika - Search the web

Guaranteed turnaround times, immediate response, with your dedicated account manager for your team.

Improve employee productivity straightaway.

Contact us to trial and evaluate our innovative search facility.

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