Search the Web with a ReSearch Engine

An Alternative Search Engine

About Yirika

Yirika is a new to be launched web service that provides an automatic ReSearch tool that enables you to search the web in real time for your interests and delivers them straight to your Business and Personal WebWall’s.

What it is

The user adds their free text personalised interests to their personal profile page as either a business interest topic or a personal interest topic. Yirika then searches the web live, on behalf of the user, and returns the relevant results on a graphical web wall with card bursts of information about the submitted requests. Yirika doesn’t stop there, Yirika continues to search and monitor for updated relevant information and notifies the user on the web wall of new relevant results.

What it’s not

Yirika is not a traditional search engine that provides a search box for retrieving data from a pre-built database. Yirika creates a new ‘Personal Interest Graph’ for each user topic and assigns this to the user, ensuring complete privacy for the user without the need to record what the user is searching. This returns control of privacy back to the user when searching the web.

Social Media Wall

A neat addition to the Business and Leisure Web Walls is the Social Network Wall. The Social Network wall allows users to view all their Social Networks on one wall, with the ability to reply to messages and posts and also the facility to share the cards with Facebook, Twitter, G+ and LinkedIn.

Yirika employs cutting-edge, semantic  technology that uses the interest topic provided by the user to to search the web for structured and unstructured information combined.

Yirika is a project by The Internet Monkeez CiroQu that brings the latest semantic search technology to the everyday Internet user in one easy to use interface.