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How it works - Yirika - Your Personal ReSearch Engine

Yirika and how it works

Using the top three search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo is perfect for quick impulse searching. The problem with these search engines is often the  results are not relevant and once you move on to the next search you loose the search results you had. Using Yirika as an alternative search engine means:

  • Your results are stored on your Business and Personal Webwall for future reference
  • Your results are relevant
  • Yirika continues to search whilst you are working on something else.

As simple as 123

Step 1 - How Yirika Works - The Alternative Search Engine

Register & Log in once

Simply log in using one of your Social Media Accounts. You will be taken straight to your Yirika account page.

Register and Log in with your social media account - Yirika - Your Prsonal ReSearch Engine

Step 2 - Add your topics - Yirika An Alternative Search Engine

Add your interest topics.

Simply decide which Web Wall, either Business or Leisure you would like to use and submit your interest topics.

Add Topics - Yirika - Your Presonal ReSearch Engine

Step 3 - View Results - Yirika - Your Research Engine

View as the results arrive.

Yirika will now explore the web and return what it finds from the web and display the results on your Business and Leisure Web Walls. Yirika doesnt stop there, it continues to explore the web for your interest topic and updates your wall live.

Tablet | Yirika - Your Presonal ReSearch Engine

Be one of the first!

Discover a new way of ReSearching the web with privacy

Be one of the first people to use Yirika when we release the beta version. Have your say about what you think about our new ReSearch engine, be part of a community that drives searching the web the way you want to.

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