Explore The Web.


Without Search Engines!
Without Ads!

Yirika doesn’t work with just keywords, it understands what you are searching for and finds it directly from the web.

  • No more repeated searching for the same subjects on search engines
  • No more irrelevant results
  • No more tracking to annoy you with unwanted advertising

Business & Leisure


With our online world constantly blurring our business life with our private life, you can now keep your work and personal life separate on your Business and Leisure Web Walls.

  • Keep your Business and Leisure life separate
  • Share your topics between Web Walls
  • Allocate all your topics to one Web Wall

All Devices


Out and about, at your desk, or at home, you will always be connected to what interests you on the web. Your Yirika Web Walls are available on your mobile, laptop, tablet and soon you will be able to view your results on your Smart TV in the comfort of your living room. 

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